English Services
Sunday School @ 9:30 AM
Worship Service @ 10:30 AM
Evening Service @ 6:00 PM

Spanish Services
Sunday School @ 11:00 AM
Worship Service @ 12:30 AM

Evening Service @ 6:00 PM

Mid-Week Service @ 7:30 PM

October 7-9,2019

Revival cannot be manufactured by men; it can only be received from God.  The Great Southwest Bible Conference is a time for Christians to come together and prepare our hearts to receive revival from God.  Pastors and church members alike are encouraged and inspired to consecration and service. Services are filled with  timeless worship, preaching and Christ-honoring music intended to spark growth in believers  across our region of the country.

October 7-9


Evangelist Tim Booth Dr. Bob SmithPastor Jerry Ross

Dr. Terry AngleaPastor Jeremy Ogdie 

CONTACT INFORMATION |  Phone: (817) 460-7940 | 2212 N Davis Drive, Arlington, TX 76012